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If there is one thing that makes online live dealers casino more enticing than the land-based casinos is that they give out a lot of casino bonuses to players. Many different deals are continually being offered. And if only online players will take advantage of it, it will significantly benefit their online gaming experience. So what are the types of casino bonuses available online? How can players avail them?

Welcome Bonus

Every welcome bonus differs in every online casino. Some give free spins for online slot games while others provide a gift that corresponds to the initial deposit. However, between the two, the latter is given more often. It is much better than the previous because it increases your bankroll thus a more significant chance of winning the jackpot. Nevertheless, some online casinos do not only give a 100% matching bonus, but others also offer as much as 500% of the initial deposit. So it is better to watch out for this kind of promotions before signing up. But bear in mind that these welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements and minimum cash out for the initial deposit.

No Deposit Bonus

While another online casino gives out bonuses that match your initial deposit, there are those that require no initial deposit upon signing up. This is also a hit to many online players because they can still play their favorite games without having to shed out any amount. By grabbing this kind of promotion, there is a chance that you will hit the jackpot at no expense. For you to be able to get this offer, you have to sign up to a credible online casino that has this kind of promotion. But just like the same, the no deposit bonus comes with wagering requirements. And if ever you win, online casinos would require you to make the initial deposit before you can make withdrawals.

Monthly and Reload Bonus

This promotion is being offered to players to keep them playing online casino games. The monthly and reload bonuses are given to players every time they deposit the initial deposit. This serves as an incentive to loyal customers, and as soon as the customer reaches the VIP status, the reward gets higher.

Referral Bonus

Unlike the three above-mentioned, not all online casinos offer this reward to their loyal customers. In this kind of bonus, the customer gets an incentive every time he refers to a friend to the online casino. The main reason why casinos give this kind of reward is to get more sign-ups.

Casino bonuses can start your bankroll, but you should read and understand the Terms and Conditions of each online casino as they differ from one another. It is best to do your research ahead of time, or else you will end up losing your hard-earned money. For further information, contact the casino’s representative as they are ready to answer your queries. And when you are all set to play online and win real money, sign up here at Karamba casino, one of the trustworthy online casinos and avail the casino bonuses offered.